Monday, April 16, 2018

Critter Pile Up

Hi Crafters!

I have a card for you today using one of the new stamp sets and a couple of older ones. Hang with me, this could be a bit lengthy but I need to explain the process.

If you've never done and stamp masking, you can learn something new here. I love the look but I hate cutting masks, so I don't do it much. However, I have a Brother Scan n Cut machine and use it all the time to cut my stamped images. But it would always tear up my masking paper. I had to find a better way. So I did! I buy the full sticky back PostIt Notes. I pulled off two, stamped my images on them, and then stuck them onto heavy weight cardstock. A scrap big enough would be fine. I then put that onto the cutting mat. Scanned them and cut with my machine. It worked perfect! Cut through the two PostIt Notes but not the heavy cardstock. It just scored into it a bit. This way you have two of each, ready to use. And you could pull off three, maybe, and it still cut through all. Or you'd have to adjust blade depth. With two and the cardstock, I didn't have to adjust my settings at all.

Here's the stamp sets I used.

Now, when stamping and masking images, you need to stamp what you want in front, first! Apply your mask, and stamp the next. And so forth. You'll understand better from seeing my photo as I explain.

So, I started at the top and worked down. I stamped the baby bear first, applied the mask, and aligned the beaver so the top of his head barely went over the image above. But just a little bit! And stamped it, then applied his mask, and aligned the baby seal and penguin, and stamped. Didn't stamp over them, so no mask needed. Apply the mask to the beaver and line up the larger bear just barely over the bottom of the beaver, and stamp. Apply the mask to the bear, align the duck, and stamp. 
Before removing any masks, stamp the bits of grass.

The moment of truth....pull off your masks and see what you have! It's the best part!!! Now, I did have a couple with not such great placement. But it is so worth it to stamp again until you get the look you want. The payoff is huge! I love it, so fun!!!
If you search YouTube for masking stamped images, you'll find many tutorials. It's not difficult, you just need to understand the process of stamping front to back and masking to get the look of an image in front of another.

I stamped a couple heart balloons and used a straight edge to draw in the strings to the ducks wing. 
I pulled out my Prismacolor colored pencils and colored in the critters. I used Gamsol, odorless mineral spirits, and blending stumps to blend out the pencil. To add a bit of "texture" to the animals, I pulled a couple alcohol markers and made tiny dots on the darker areas of the coloring. I like the interest it adds. 
I also added a bit of white gel pen dots for a cuteness factor and brushed on some glitter brush over the balloons and the bow tie. I got out my google eyes and picked sizes that looked best and stuck down. Who doesn't love google eyes?!?!?!
I stamped the sentiment and trimmed it out. I rubbed some brown ink over the edges and used a tiny bit of foam tape, positioned in place, and stuck down. It didn't show up good enough until I rubbed the edges with the brown ink since it is the same craft paper. I used Neenah Desert Storm. 

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