Monday, May 2, 2016

UR My Sunshine...

Here's a quick card post for you using the Sun Moon & Stars stamp set from FBStamps. I took some liberty with this stamp and I'll explain how. Here's a look at the card.

How cute, right?! 
So, this sun stamp has a face in the center. I wanted to make it a "cutesy" sun so I masked off the face in the center. I then went through my PeachyKeen face stamps and picked one I liked. I embossed it all in gold. But that left the whites of the eyes yellow, like the watercoloring of the sun. Yuck!
So I grabbed an embossing pen I have and colored in the whites of the eyes and poured on some white embossing powder. Hoping it would work, I fired up the heat tool. And, yep, it worked!

I recently bough a small set of watercolors by Windsor & Newton. And some Arches, cold press watercolor paper. I tend to be heavy handed with the water, and this paper can really handle that. In fact, I find it takes a lot of water to work right. So, I painted this with those paints. I have a long way to go, but practicing is the only way to get there!  

I used dies to cut the front panel of my card. Then I took some cloud dies from my stash. I cut three right into the front of the top layer. A couple, right off the edge. Then I cut a few different ones from vellum and used an embossing folder to add texture. I added some sequins first, so I'd know where I could hide the adhesive, as it shows bad on vellum. I used Range Multi Medium Matte as it's a very aggressive glue that dries matte. 

Finally, I added an Action Wobble under the sun for some fun. When you flick it, it jiggles and fun! 

So that's it. Hope you like my card and will try one of your own. Here's the stores you can get the products I used.