Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Candy Corn Shaker...

I had an idea one night lying in bed about how to make a candy corn shaker card.
So, for my DT project this week, I set out to see if I could make it work.
I opened the candy corn file from Fleurette Bloom and used my software to get the "parts" I wanted.

I opened it a couple times cause I needed a couple. I layered the the orange middle section on top of the yellow bottom layer and did a "back minus front" to get the bottom yellow piece I needed. Then, using a second orange layer, I layered the white layer on top of that, and again did a "back minus front". This gives you the three pieces you'll need to make your sections.

Next, with each piece, I created an inset shadow layer.... .017. Making it in far enough to give a decent size frame piece. Center those two pieces over each other and go up to Object on the toolbar and select Merge. This will give you your little frame for each color. White, orange, and yellow.

Cut several of these little frames. I think I cut six or eight of each. Glue them all together and you get yourself these little framed pieces, deep enough to hold a good amount of these tiny seed beads. Save one of each color that will be glued on top of the acetate piece.

I then glued all those "frames" in position, on top of a patterned paper. Now you can carefully add your beads, go all around the outside edge with some liquid glue and glue on your clear acetate. 
Then glue on another frame of each of the colors to finish off the top to look nice.
 I layered all of that on top of a black shadow layer.

Embellish as you'd like and you have yourself a candy corn shaker card!

Here's your shopping list.

Happy Crafting!


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