Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Day Party....

I wanted to do something special for my grand babies for Valentines Day. I am going to have a really fun lunch with them....I care for them in my home every day. I thought it would be a fun time for them, so I set about to create a few things ahead. Everything they eat will be heart shaped or in Valentine color theme. I have pink pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast, heart shaped grilled cheese for lunch, and fun cookies, candies, and treats for throughout the day, and to send home with them. Will be fun!

Here's the table I have set up for them. It has been a real challenge to keep them out of all this while doing the photos. Many tears were shed...I know, I'm so! 

I also grabbed some shots of the individual items.

This is the silverware pocket for Miss Aleida.

Here is Mr Karson's. 

I made Fleurette Bloom's cute little box from a Christmas set but used Valentine papers and it came out really cute. Filled it with kisses and coins of chocolate. They've already had a taste of those, lol.

Cute cupcake wraps for a really good cupcake! Glad they are going home after all the sugar today. But hey, that's what NeNe's do!

This is the cup from the Valentine set, but I used hot glue to put the lid on the bottom instead of it being a lid. Made it a bit more stable for holding the candy tubes.Topped them off with the circles and hearts, and an airplane die I have...gotta give Karson something

Not everything is I got some pencils and cut the files to go along. These kiddos love writing and I know they will love having them. not write on your Mommy's wall again!

So, there it is. My Valentine Day party for my little kiddos. I know they will have lots of fun...and so will I. That's what crafting is all about...having fun!


  1. Adorable little party table, I'll bet they love having such a creative Grandma!!

  2. The grands are lucky to have such a crafty and clever Grandma! The place settings are too cute. Love it!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  3. Cheryl ~ your grandbabies are so lucky to have you for so many wonderful reason NOT just because you LOVE and ADORE them! They are so lucky because they have the sweetest and crafty grandma!!! OMG ~ I LOVE this and I bet they will too! EEK!