Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sparkle & Shine Luminary...

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Today I have a simple luminary for you....I love those things! I like having that bit of twinkle in an unexpected nook or corner. They make you feel warm and cozy. 
Here's the one I made.

I took one of the boxes from Harvest Happenings to make this. Before I assembled the box, I used one of my rectangle dies and cut out the window. You could also just do this when you are cutting the box out. Place a rectangle where you want it to be. Then I laid the box top...unassembled....on top of the box bottom and traced it lightly. Now place the same die right over that and cut. This makes sure they line up right. Be sure you have them facing the right direction! Ask me how I know this, lol.

I then used that die and the next larger together to cut the frame for the front. Again, you can do this same thing in Silhouette Studio to make a frame.
Before assembling, cut a piece of vellum and adhere it to the back side of the box top, assemble.

I cut the pieces for the poinsettia and ran it through the Cuttlebug using a swirl folder. I inked the edges a bit, and assembled.

I also cut/punched some snowflakes and embossed them with gold embossing powder. Love the sparkle! I wrapped a bit of lace crocheted ribbon along the bottom edge. Added a bit of red Stickles glitter and some bling and some red stars.

I chose a sentiment and embossed it in white and cut a simple flag end. I hid the glue under the snowflake, as it shows bad through the vellum. And that's it!

Here's where to get what you need to make your own.

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