Monday, January 3, 2011

A box within a box...

Designed by
Cheryl Becker
Aunt Jill's Valentine Collection

Another little box I created using this file. Did not come out as pictured in my head, so I had to improvise. I cut it at the size it opened in SCAL and then could not make an inside box big enough out of a 12x12 piece of cardstock. So, I made a box as big as I could. Then, like when we were kids, I wove strips of cardstock together to make a "bottom" for the box to rest on. Wow, crazy project that I though would be easy! I cut the pink hearts out of glitter paper and it looks cute set back in. I tied ribbons on the corners to jazz it up some. I used the same process to create this box as in the other box post. I would suggest making the box first, then sizing the sides to fit the box. I learned that the hard way. I still like how it looks though...almost a shadow box effect. Check out! Amazing collections to get there. You can also buy your Sure Cuts A Lot from them. So worth it!

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  1. This is beautiful and fun! What a neat way to present someone with some treats for Valentines day. :)