Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Go Fly A Kite....

I'm not sure why, but I've been on a kite kick this Spring! I just love kites, maybe it's the kid inside, but I want to kite flying! I want to let the grand babies experience it, too! So...I asked FleuretteBloom to design a kite and she came up with a super cute one! Here's what I did with it. Had a hard time keeping the babies off them, so I know will love this little display I made for them.

I made a little display of kites for the me kites scream SPRING! This file is so great! You can use the one with the four panels or the one with the solid background. And throw in some cute clouds with it! 

Here's the one I made for Karson...a bit more boyish colors. So bright and fun!

Here is Miss Aleida's kite. All pink and girly! If you noticed, I tied a bit of twine in bows and added to the kite tail. Every kite needs some cute twine, right?!

Here is a pic of the ones with the solid background.

I added a bit of twine on the orange kite and tied a string to it...that's how a real kite is with it's string coming down to the controller of the kite, lol. Added a touch of glitter to the tails too.

I'm so glad the babies like these. Since I have them every day, I like to have things made for them sometimes, and they can take them home! Love them babies! I chose a butterfly from Fleurette too, and added a couple of those. You must pick up this's adorable!

So, here is where you go to get what you need! 

Why not make some of these to make your space feel like Spring! You could even do them plain white and let the kiddos decorate their own! Great idea, right? Happy Crafting!


  1. The kites are ADORABLE!! saw it on FB!!

  2. Cheryl ~ what a CUUTE idea! I LVOE the papers so bright and cheerful! Yes Spring reminds me of kites to ~ hey wait we FINALLY have spring like weather ! WHO HOO! But seriously PERFECTLY done!

  3. OMGosh Cheryl!!! These are so freaking cute!!!

  4. WOW! I love this. I've got to do this in my craft room. Pretty!