Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pretty little tea light...


My fave...3D Wednesday!!! I love making cards, but I really love 3D stuff. So, for today I have a super cute little luminary for  you. I used one of the tag dies to make it. Super easy! I love at the holiday times to have little bits of flickering lights in lots of places. And with the little battery operated tea lights, it's easy and safe to have these cute luminaries inside! Here's mine for you.

Cute, right?! I used the Just Tags dies for this cute little box/luminary. I cut 4 of each, the bottom and top layers and glued the the together. On the front panel, I took the circle die from the Scallop & Stitched Circle dies and centered it left to right, but a bit above center so the base of the tea light doesn't show through the window. I sandwiched the vellum between the top and bottom tag so it doesn't show on the inside.

I like seeing the stars on the inside! I cut eight of them to hide the hole that is made when cutting the tags. The sparkle doesn't show very well, but wow...are they glittery!

And here is a pic of it lit up. I love these little tea lights, they flicker and look like the real deal! 

See how it just sits down in there so perfectly. If you look close, you can see in the corner little tabs for securing the sides of the tags. I'll be giving step by step info in a sec. The stars also look a bit more glittery in this pic, too.

Guess what the Christmas tree is? It's the ice cream cone die...upside down! Can't take credit for that idea, one of the other DT girls had done that...she's genius! And the trunk of the tree is one of the label dies...the one with the chocolate drop. It's the flag type label that goes off the top...we all know and love those chocolate candies.

So, here's how I made this. I cut a square of cardstock to 3 1/8 x 3 1/8. Then score it at 1/2 inche on all sides. On two opposite sides, cut on the two vertical score lines up to the horizontal score line to create your tabs for gluing. Then just fold up on all score lines and glue those tabs to the inside. You end up with a box that is 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 1/2 inch tall. The reason I made it so short was because I didn't want it to show behind the vellum. 

I then cut strips 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/2 inches long, and scored in half, at 1/4 inch. I added 1/8 inch Scor Tape to both tabs,

So...assembly. I added Scor Tape to the bottom edge of the tag. Line it up carefully to the little tray box, bottom and sides. Do two first. Then take one of the corner stabilizers and and align it in place so it doesn't come up to high and show at the point the tag begins to curve.

I know there might be an easier way, but with the hole in the front, if you make a taller little box, it will show. This way, nothing shows and these strips keep the sides together. 
Now you can add the other sides, and reach in to place the other corner stabilizers. This way, it comes out pretty sturdy.

For the finishing touches, I cut the ice cream cone out of green glitter paper. I cut the tree trunk out of dark glitter paper using the label die. Trimmed it short enough to look like the bottom of a tree. I added it with dimensional adhesive. 
Then I cut 8 stars out of gold glitter paper. With 4 of them, I added them with dimensionals to the fronts, to hide the hole that cuts in the tag. For the inside ones, I glued right down. 
I tied red ribbon into a knot, cut a teeny tag die and stamped the sentiment, and glued it to the top of the tree. Then I added tiny red bling to the tree for the decorations. 

I hope all of this makes sense, lol! I think when you get your pieces cut, and start to will all make more sense. It's really not hard at all. I plan to make more of these to give during the holiday season. You really could decorate this anyway, for any occasion. How cute in a bath, on an end table, or a night light in a child's room. I think several lined up side by side on a shelf....I'll have several in my rooms.

Here's a list of the products I used.

I hope I didn't confuse you to bad about assembly. Really, it's easy. Dig out your supplies and whip some of these up for yourself or others. You'll love them? 
Happy Crafting!


  1. What an adorable idea. You sure are one clever, creative and talented gal!! I soooo love your luminary idea. Your directions are spot on!! In fact as I'm reading along I'm saying to myself I wish she'd taken pics along the way so I could see what and how she did this (as I'm a visual person) and voila boom there it is (LOL). Thanks for your awesome pics to go with your directions and yes it all makes sense. YOU ROCK!! REALLY ROCK!!!

  2. Cheryl ~ Okay this is just too CUTE and CLEVER! I LOVE what you did with the dies!! Seriously creative!! I am going to have to try this!! BEAUTIFULLY done!

  3. Seriously such a cute and clever idea. Thanks so much for the instructions. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hugs- Glora

  4. This is so stinkin' cute and CLEVER, Cheryl!

  5. It looks AMAZING, AWESOME job with your project Cheryl!!! :)

  6. The cleverness never stops amazing me...this is awesome!
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