Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gingerbread Chalet....

Designed by
Cheryl Becker

This set of gingerbread houses is just the cutest....and so much fun to make! Head over to to pick up yours. How fun would it be to fill with some goodies and give to your friends. Or better yet, get some of the battery operated flicker tea lights. DON'T even try to use a real tea light! I added a few other cuts from some of their Christmas files. Of course, there is twine and white gel pen dots....can't stop myself!
Gingerbread Chalet Village SVG Kit


  1. I love the twine bows on the chalets....beautiful!

  2. Oh My! Yours look better than mine LOL! But then, what did I expect, Leo and Mary choose the BEST to showcase their SVG's!