Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stranger in my craft room!

Designed by
Cheryl Becker

My son showed up in my craft room and tried giving me a hard time! He put on his foreign accent he does all the time, and had a chit chat with me. So, I thought I would bling him up a bit. Then gave him a quiz about crafting tools. Sorry for the noise in the background, tv was on. Wasn't going to post this, but I thought it was a bit funny. Hope it gave you laugh, too.


  1. LOL!! Too funny! Totally reminds me of what happens when my seventeen year old son comes to my craft room! How old is he, Cheryl?
    Mine likes to do voice impressions and accents almost ALL's funny for a while, but sometimes he gets on my nerves....hehehe! This was so cute, I'm glad you did post it. :)

  2. OMG OMG You had me pissin myself laughing so hard.. I guess this is something i have to look forward to with Sonny as he gets older. OMG Im still laughing, i have tears in my eyes!!! Hes a really sweet kid! Love ya