Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 21

New day, new blog look. Spent time changing the look of my blog. Not so great at this, but think it came out looking ok. I have a challenge for myself to get 100 followers. I will have a nice give away when I reach it. You can help with that by signing up to follow. I am also going to change a bit how I have been posting. I usually just post pics, but will now start to add photos of the project in the works. Adding tips, tricks, techniques, details of how I do what I do. I really want one of those Flip video recorders, but shy and timid to do it. I'll get there though. I also do the card give away each month and would love for you to come back and comment for your chance to win. Each month there will be a new card and a new drawing. If you like what you see, pass my blog along to your friends. Stay tuned for upcoming projects. Working on one now that should be great! I'm excited about it and would love you to come back and see the finished project. Should be up in a day or two...maybe three. Look forward to seeing you.

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  1. Awesome new look... I love it...
    I can't wait to see the makings of your cards...Celeste