Saturday, September 19, 2009

Circle Tags with Hallmark Card Studio

Created by
Cheryl Becker
I have Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2008
I start with a blank document and go to text to type what ever it is you want. Once you hit enter, there is a box to check for curved effect. From there you can make a full circle or a simple arch shape. Once you choose which one you want, you click on it and some "handles" will appear around your text. You need to play with pulling on those "handles" to make larger or smaller. You need to play around a bit to get the size right. Once you get this step down, you can add dots, dashes or solid circle. You can put clip art in the center or leave blank. Other than fooling around with those small gray box "handles", there is nothing else to learn. That is probably the hardest part. You just have to push and pull and drag them around. Good luck all.
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